Disgaea 3 finished!

Last night I finished Disgaea 3! Took exactly a week after I got it. There are still some sidequests to do. But the main game is finished.
The time stopped on 40hours & 7minutes.
I probably would have finished it much sooner if I hadn’t spent so much time leveling up and training my characters. So I guess I’m going to do some of the sidequests now and probably replay it from begining one day.
Well after I’m satisfied with playing Disgaea 3 I really am going to continue with
Wild Arms 1. Since there is nothing else of importance before October 21 anyway…
(Eternal Sonata for PS3 release date) And sixs days after that its ma birthday.
25 years old… Woho!…

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  1. Palaxih

    Nice that you can do side-quest after you finished the game :P

    Im just started to play Eternal Sonata, again, and it was better then i remember it. I think you should be very pleased with it :)

  2. Hehe.. Det var snabbt marsherat.

    Själv är jag inne på kring 27-28 timmar i Abyss nu och har spelat Infinite Undiscovery i 4 timmar, ett spel jag blivit positivt överraskad över, men sen väntade jag mig ju inte guld och gröna skogar som många recensenter tycktes göra.

    Disgaea 3 får plockas upp efter dessa två spel är slutförda!

  3. Låter bra det du har att säga om IU, har hört så jävla blandat om det så man vet knappt vad man ska tro. Ser fram emot att höra vad du tycker när du spelat mer på det.

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