Two RPG demos up on JP PSN store

If you have a PS3 and are itching to try some RPG titles, head over to the Japanese PSN store and download demos o Eternal Sonata and Cross Edge.
Then give me a shout with impressions. I would appriciate that..

10 responses on Two RPG demos up on JP PSN store

  1. Hm, a fighting fame with lots of famous characters. Even from Ar Tonelico. Interesting. But, I doubt I’d like it very much.
    As mentioned before, I will buy Eternal Sonata for the PS3 as well, just to support releases to the system. But I doubt I’ll play it again since it was not long ago that I finished it. It is a good game though, although very weird in some aspects. The battles are fun though and I really like most of the characters. The music is good also, as you can hear in the trailer. Battle music for the win. :)

  2. Well we are pretty much in the same boat then. Different problems, but still concernining money.
    Try the Cross Edge demo later if you want to and give me some info. *puppyeyes*

  3. It actually is like a fighting game, the battles feel like it, you do combos and such with the different buttons. The resolution kinda sux, not even in HD, its running in 480i wich surprised me. The music seems good, it has to be Ken Nakagawa that is behind it. A very similiar style to the Mana Khemia and Atelier series.

    The demo was very weird and alot of text and menus all in Japanese so it’s impossible to get anything out of this demo. ;P

  4. Oh, I see. Well thanks for taking your time with it anyways.
    Gonna see the movie you sent me now. I’m hoping it comes outside of japan at least. As the rumors suggest.

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