My newest AMV

Hi, its me again. Yes, your dear old friend Yazuka. I’ve just finished my newest AMV.
Its called Full Metal Alchemist Versus Transformers: Rocka På. [Rock on]
I have been working on it for sometime and I just finished it. Ah, good to have it done. Now I’m gonna take a break from making movies, and continue to learn Photoshop. And continue to wait for Xenosaga III. I might make a new Xenosaga movie if I just can find the right song, or right thing to do with the video.

Full Metal Alchemist VS Transformers: Rocka På


I got tired of my old blog, and thought I would get myself a livejournal. Well… Updates will come with time. So untill then, you just have to stare in this blank space! And go mad! Hahahah!

11 Days left untill Xenosaga Episode III comes out!!!