Suck Calibur and finally Friday

Thank god it’s finally Friday. This week has been a killer, started going up at 04.00 so I can get to work. Why so early? Because I am helping out at a new place at work and we start earlier. So I’ve been and are tired as hell this week.

Soul Calibur V was a dissapointment, I didn’t enjoy it at all. I didn’t even have much fun making characters. A shame since it seemed to be pretty fun, but I guess this just confirmed that fighting games are not meant for me. Even if I am tempted by the BlazBlue series. Well for now I am going to trade in SCV, sorry to those who wanted to borrow it..
Next Wednesday I am going to play Jak and Daxter Trilogy. My first time playing those games. So I’m looking forward to that. Hope I’ll enjoy them. And soon its time for Tales of Graces F, my most anticipated title of the year. Well, one of my most anticipated titles of the year.

I really want to get a recording box so I can recotd what I am playing. That would be really great, not that I really need it, it would just be fun.
And speaking of fun, I might have a pretty big thing to reveal next week. And since nothing is sure right now I wont talk more about it right now.

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Work, work, work!!!

Thank god its Friday, I would not have lasted another day with work. Been so much to do this week and I’ve worked last night too. And I am up working today too, well trying at least. I’m tired as fuck. Gonna rest as soon as I get home. I seem to have hurt my foot yesterday, I’m having a hard time walking on it, it hurts like hell… If it doesn’t get better ovet the weekend I need to have it checked.
I was also originally going to two nights next week, but no way I’m gonna do that. We are less people at work, so I need to take care of that first. It much more important imo, more important to me. I work nights at another place, but for the same company.

I am hoping I’ll have the energy to play more on Infamous 2 later today, would be the perfect way to get rid of some stress. And I might play a bit Red Dead Redemption also. Got it yesterday, so I am hoping it’ll be good. So much to play now, so little time. But better to have stuff for a rainy day, than have nothing at all.

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