Work, work, work!!!

Thank god its Friday, I would not have lasted another day with work. Been so much to do this week and I’ve worked last night too. And I am up working today too, well trying at least. I’m tired as fuck. Gonna rest as soon as I get home. I seem to have hurt my foot yesterday, I’m having a hard time walking on it, it hurts like hell… If it doesn’t get better ovet the weekend I need to have it checked.
I was also originally going to two nights next week, but no way I’m gonna do that. We are less people at work, so I need to take care of that first. It much more important imo, more important to me. I work nights at another place, but for the same company.

I am hoping I’ll have the energy to play more on Infamous 2 later today, would be the perfect way to get rid of some stress. And I might play a bit Red Dead Redemption also. Got it yesterday, so I am hoping it’ll be good. So much to play now, so little time. But better to have stuff for a rainy day, than have nothing at all.

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