The Sci-Fi Convention in Malmö

Ahh! I feel all energized again! Was good to get some sleep last night. It was very fun and interesting at the Sci-Fi Convention in Malmö, I guess I was expecting a bit more. But still, it was very nice and I had a blast! I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw a girl had come dressed as Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles. It was awesome to see, the not so standard cosplaying.

So here a bunch of pictures I took, all in all I took about 164 photos. Of course I won’t upload them all here, but I took some of them I liked the most and wanted to share them with you. Anyone else from Loading who was at the convention?
Or from Kristianstad maybe? Drop me a line!! I had an awesome time with both Elden and
ZX-Omega, can hardly wait for the convention next year! We’ll all be going again then hopefully!

The guy with the Grim Reaper mask was awesome, he made mask himself. Not the Grim Reaper one thou! He was very fun to talk with and he has such passion and enthusiasm when he spoke. It really sounded like he loved his job. My friend Elden bought a Grim Reaper mask from him. And the last picture is of me with Freddy Kruger’s classic glove. Heh, updated my Facebook with a modified version of the pic. Same as I added to my “About Me” section on the site.

On the way to the convention we passed by a game developers building! I thought that was pretty neat. Then I got the chance to take a photo of Boba Fett. A lifesize(?) figure of Darth Maul that you could bid on. Warp speed, Mr.Zulu! Symphony of the Night really is expensive! And in crappy condition.
The head pieces where so damn detailed! The Iron Man figure was awesome as well! But my favorite has to be of the Terminator from Terminator Salvation seen below. Love it.

The real Lightsaber Mark Hamill used in Return of The Jedi. A friendly Stormtrooper posing for us as soon as he saw I had my camera ready. And a cosplayer dressed as Darth Maul came later! Some Star Trek stuff below, Darth Vader marching with his crew. More cool mask from the Grim Reaper mask guy! Again, so damn awesome!

We also managed to capture V on photo. This whole day was awesome and one big nerdgasm, I’m looking forward to doing this again next year!

Off to Malmö! (updated)

We are awake, we are ready! Breakfast ready, waiting for the buss to take us to the train station. We are going to take us to the sci-fi convention in Malmö. Me and my friends, Elden and ZX-Omega have been looking forward to this for a long time. I’ll be posting pictures later, when we are home tonight. Bye!

Update 1: Time 12.38
Just saw a cosplayer dressed as Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles. Fucking awesome, must ask her if I can take a photo.

Update 2: Time 13.45
Got a picture of the Alicia cosplayer! Not the best cosplayer I’ve seen but nice! Too bad I got an Naruto cosplayer on the picture too.

Update 3: Time 17.10
Ahh! The day is now over and we are getting ready to return home, I bought nothing. But Elden bought a bunch of stuff. After we get home, I’ll post a new post with some impressions of the convention. And of course with photos. See ya later!

Pre Sci-Fi convention and movies

Been spending this weekend with my friend Elden. We’ve been playing for next week, it’s the Sci-Fi Convention in Malmö! We are going there together with our friend ZX-Omega on Saturday April 2nd. Its going to be fun, I’ve wanted to go the past two years but haven’t been able. So its finally my time to go where all nerds must go. We’ll be taking photos and even record some videos, I’ll at least upload the photos here, I’ll see what we’ll do with the videos.
While Elden was here, we decided to watch some movies.

Age of The Dragons
A more fantasy take on the Moby Dick story. Instead of a whale and out on the sea, it takes place on land and has dragons in it. Yeah, that’s about it. Now I’m not too familiar with the MD story, but a guy looses his sister to the “great white dragon” and becomes obsessed with slaying it. Danny Glover plays this crazy ass captain, I really enjoyed his voice in this movie. It was cool and I’d love to hear him do some voice over work. The movie was pretty okay, nothing more or less. While I did like it somewhat, it’s hard to say if I would recommend it.

Bitch Slap
This movie on the other hand came as a surprise. I enjoyed this one very much, I also thought it was funny and laughed for a good bit of the movie. It was so cheesy, so dumb and mostly playing on the hotness of the three female leads.
But it tried to take it self a bit to serious and I think they themselves made fun of that. There are girl on girl fights, other girl on girl stuff… Explosions, weapons, kickass ladies. This is just the kind of movie I love. And I got a neat gif animation out of it! I don’t know what more to say, but if you like  “stupid” movies in the style of Shoot ‘Em Up (which I love), I think you can like this. Just to be clear, I said its in the style of SEU, not that it was like it!

Clash of The Titans
I’ve seen this once before and I like it, I think its a great movie. But it seems to be hated by a whole lot of people if I’ve understand things correctly. Don’t know why, I think its a nice action fantasy flick. But then again, I like mythology and take it in almost all the ways I can get it. But I do enjoy this one and I’m looking forward to the sequel. I have a faint memory of there being one in production?