About my computer…

As I posted earlier my computer was starting to freak out on me again. So tired of this piece of shit. Well anyway my father got it running again without it turning itself of. Apparently there where massive glitches in the hard-drive, you could just touch it a tiny bit and it would die. So he replaced it with some old one he had lying around. The problem with this one is that its very slow. It takes time to copy something to the computer or copy to it. So I’m wondering, where can I find a new one cheap online? Since my computer is a bit older I can only have IDE 3,5 hard-drives.
So does anyone know of a Swedish online store that sells them cheap? I don’t care about the size of the HDD, I just need a new and cheap HDD.

I will build a new computer in the future, but that is when I have the cash to do so. And that’s way into the future for my part. so I have to make use of what I’ve got until then. Unless I can get something for my birthday in October, well that’s still all in the distant future. For now I would be very grateful if I could find a cheap new HDD. Thanks, hope I’ll get some answers for this question. Would greatly appreciate it.

EDIT: Apparently its not only the old hard-drive that was broken. Today I started to have the same troubles with the the replacement HDD I’m using. I’m starting to think the motherbord is giving up. Piece of junk! Well people can ignore this post then, since getting a brand new HDD won’t make it better… Guess I’ve got to try and save up on some cash to get a new computer. *sigh*

Christmas & random stuff

Christmas came and before we know it it was over again. For once we had a white Christmas, which was a nice change from the usual hot/green Christmas. But as always I sadly couldn’t get into the holiday spirit. Maybe next year…
Well on the 23rd of December three of my very good friends came to visit, two of them I don’t see very often. So it made me happy to meet them again. And I hope you had a good time, a shame you had to go so early…
My friend Amadeus gave me his old external HDD as a late birthday present. And I’m extremely happy for that, it was very much needed. I love it! Finally I can start working with bigger things again (AMVs, movies etc.) since the current hard drive in my computer is about 15gb. I can’t do shit with it. So thanks man!

For Christmas I didn’t really get that much. Just a little money, this year has been pretty bad for our whole family economically, so it yeah. Hopefully next year will bring something better, since its slowly starting to turn around. I’m really crossing my fingers that I can feel like I’m alive next year, that I can have cash to visit friends or just take a trip somewhere. Its really depressing to be so bound by money and there are no other ways to get to meet people.

I’ve also started to watch The Big Bang Theory. And I must say I like it! I can recognize myself in the show fairly well, except for all the smart stuff. Its a pretty good series to watch when, you have nothing else to do. Plus I must say I do enjoy the characters. Walowitz FTW. Some find this show boring, I can somewhat understand that. But I’ve found it quite enjoyable. See y’all around!