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Christmas came and before we know it it was over again. For once we had a white Christmas, which was a nice change from the usual hot/green Christmas. But as always I sadly couldn’t get into the holiday spirit. Maybe next year…
Well on the 23rd of December three of my very good friends came to visit, two of them I don’t see very often. So it made me happy to meet them again. And I hope you had a good time, a shame you had to go so early…
My friend Amadeus gave me his old external HDD as a late birthday present. And I’m extremely happy for that, it was very much needed. I love it! Finally I can start working with bigger things again (AMVs, movies etc.) since the current hard drive in my computer is about 15gb. I can’t do shit with it. So thanks man!

For Christmas I didn’t really get that much. Just a little money, this year has been pretty bad for our whole family economically, so it yeah. Hopefully next year will bring something better, since its slowly starting to turn around. I’m really crossing my fingers that I can feel like I’m alive next year, that I can have cash to visit friends or just take a trip somewhere. Its really depressing to be so bound by money and there are no other ways to get to meet people.

I’ve also started to watch The Big Bang Theory. And I must say I like it! I can recognize myself in the show fairly well, except for all the smart stuff. Its a pretty good series to watch when, you have nothing else to do. Plus I must say I do enjoy the characters. Walowitz FTW. Some find this show boring, I can somewhat understand that. But I’ve found it quite enjoyable. See y’all around!

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  1. A friend of mine has recommended Big Bang Theory as well. I never came so far as to start watching it, but I did see some random episodes on TV by mistake. Can’t say I understand what the big fuss is about. I thought it felt like an average sitcom, nothing great, only… geekier than usual. Eh, maybe it’s not for me, but I’m glad you enjoy it. :)

  2. @ Lania:
    Hehe. Its the geekines(?) I like about the show. I really want to be a part of their gang. XD
    Well you can’t like everything. But they, there are a ton of series I can’t and won’t watch. XD

  3. Först svar från min blogg:

    Tack. Kommer iom tv-köpet aldrig sälja mitt PS3. Full HD… MM! Testade Killzone 2 idag, oj oj.. Kan det vara så snyggt alltså? hehe.

    Ja, tv-hyllan är rätt fin men mest kompakt. Önskade dock en plats till för en pryl.. Nu när tv är så stor så får jag bara plats med 360 och PS3, eller digitalboxen…

    Post: Yes, white christmas was awesome! Hope it can be like so next yer also. Very nice of your friend to give you a present like that. :P

    Keep it up with the savings and i hope you can find a very nice HDTV :P

  4. @ Palaxih:
    Hehe, vetefansen om man vågar uppleva full HD. Blir man väl ledsen. ;)

    Yeah, it was very nice. :P
    I’ve had great use for it, so I’m really happy with it. =)

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