Souls! Round 5!

I got my copy of Soul Calibur V today! What luck! When I can start playing games again (will post more about that tomorrow), it must be a sign. Just gonna eat something and then I’m loading this baby up! This is my first purchase in over two months, so I’m looking forward to this. Can’t wait to start making my own characters again. I just love that.

Create a Soul – Blast from the past!

I was digging through some old burned backup CD that I have and found some old photos. Photos of mine and Elden‘s custom created characters in Soul Calibur III. Aaahh, it brings back memories. I don’t know how many hours I spent in the character creator, but I’m guessing its dangerously much. It was fun and a bit addictive, especially if you are like me and like creating characters. I remember I spent about 7-8 hours in the character creator in Soul Calibur IV before I even started playing it for real. So that one of the reasons I’m looking forward to Soul Calibur V and its Create a Soul mode. Hopefully it will be more updated this time than it was between SC3 and SC4. The photos are from 2005, so it is a blast from the past!

Here are some of my favorites CAS we/I made. As a bonus I’m also posting Yazuka and
KOS-MOS that I made in Soul Calibur IV.

Jessica (Dragon Quest VIII) Jessica (DQVIII) VS Haru (Rave Master) Presea (Tales of Symphonia)
Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII) Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)
KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) Yazuka original creation