First vacation day!

Aaahh!!! My first day on vacation! It feels really nice! He-he, but I’ve been busy since Friday. Been hanging out with a bunch of my friends and doing various stuff. I’ve actually already had two trips down to Malmö, boy I better start taking it easy now. I most say I am starting to feel a bit “sick” or rather worn out maybe. I think I’ve over exerted myself and now I really need some rest. I don’t feel all that hot.

It’s probably the weather too that is affecting me, I can’t stand the heat. It really is too much for me. And I have been feeling a little woozy. Heatstroke maybe? I hope it goes away, but for I’ll deal with it. But I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore travels this week, not to Lund, Malmö or such at least. Not until I know I’m not getting sick.

I at least hope I’ll be able to watch Pacific Rim next Friday! Or around that time, since it will have its premier in Sweden then! Looking forward to that! Not really sure what else I should write just now, but keep in touch and I’ll write something better later. =)

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