Some vacation time

Ah, finally I have some vacation time! I’m free from work this whole coming week.
Looking forward to it, its going to be so nice not having to clean other peoples shit for a whole week. Seriously some people are so disgusting, ugh! Well its good to get some time of, not sure when I next will have the chance. We’ve moved to a new building too and its so cramped in there. So I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all that right now, but I have a feeling being so close to people will not be good for me. Since I have “torg skräck” I really can’t remember a English word for it. Well anyway… I’m going to enjoy this week.

I’m not going into detail, but I’ve been without my TV for about two weeks now and hopefully on Tuesday I’ll get it back. So I haven’t been able to play so much as I’ve wanted. But the first thing I’ll do on Tuesday is to continue where I left of in 3D Dot Game Heroes.
I have also gotten some inspiration back, so I might try to write something of my fantasy story. At least I hope I can get something written, usually as soon as I start I seem to loose interest in it. Its pretty damn annoying, since I want to write! I really want to develop the character “Yazuka” more. And I hope one day to do just that.

I want to update and write more important stuff here too. But it just seems like I can’t get the time or the energy to do so. Work it taking up much of both those things. So I’m hoping I can post something a bit better in the future or at least more interesting. I’m thinking of doing a couple anime-reviews of shows I’ve seen and then perhaps a few reviews on games. Not to sure on them yet, but we’ll see.
and before I end this post, I just kindly would like to ask. Where the fuck is everyone? Seriously, where are you? My msn has more or less been empty for days. I miss you guys, get on there and talk to me!!

And I have reactivated my CAPTCHA, since I’ve been drowning in spam the past week. Its so not worth having it off. If you have poroblems posting with the CAPTCHA here get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter (preferably Twitter) and I’ll fix something for ya.

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