Return from nerd paradise

I had a blast yesterday, felt like I was in a nerd paradise. I love it! I took a lot of pictures! There is no way I can post everything right now, so for ow I’ll just post some random photos and later I’ll probably make more posts. But me and my mates we had a good time, too day one of our friend had to cancel. We missed him, but I guess that’s how it goes.

Man I got pissed when I found both Lunar games for Playstation 1. Arghh! I’m so pissed I didn’t have much money to spend, I really wanted them. They where in good condition and complete with all the extras. Next time perhaps… I can dream, can’t I?

But seriously, we had a good time. There where many booths to visit and to nerd in. Like a bunch of figurine booths, with Final Fantasy stuff and other game related stuff. As there always is. That Metal Sonic figure is pretty nice and Samus ship.

And of course, I need to post some cosplayers too. The first one with Mass Effect are officially hired by EA to promote Mass Effect 3, he was a really cool guy from Germany. Too bad they had some trouble with getting their things to Sweden. This was the only thing I was sort of disappointed with this time around, there weren’t many cosplayers here. But I liked my photo in the ME3 cutout and I liked the girl who cosplayed as Wesker. She was pretty awesome.

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  1. @ Kristoffer:
    Kane Hodder var awesome. Riktigt skön person att träffa IRL, jävligt underbar mot sina fans. Gillade han skarpt. Och så är han min favorit skådis som gestalar Jason. =)

  2. @ Kristoffer:
    Måste se Hatchet filmerna, fortfarande inte gjort det. Får ta tag i det i helgen, beroende på hur lång tid det tar att slänga all skräp och möbler jag ska bli av med.

    Oh, hot damn… Jag har sagt det förr och jag säger det igen. Jag vill ha…
    I framtiden hoppas jag. Well, g’nite dood.

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