Power Rangers return home!

Yeah, so I’m 26 years old and still dig Power Rangers. Something wrong with that?
Well for some there might be. But hey, my inner kid is still alive and kicking and I intend to keep him that way. I like a whole lot of stuff that isn’t considered “grown-up”, but I couldn’t really care what people think. I enjoy it and that’s all that matters.
And I know more people enjoyed Power Rangers when they where younger, but they are to ashamed to admit it. Yeah! I’m a big nerd and I’m loving it! :D
I had so many toys, The Thunder Megazord, The Dragon Dagger (I miss you) and a bunch of figures. I wish I had taken better care of them when I was younger… At least I still have my Dragonzord.

Well anyway… Power Rangers was a big part of my life when I was younger and it meant a lot to me, That’s why I was a bit sadden when Saban (the company who made Power Rangers) sold their rights to Disney. Sure the show got a higher budget and looked better. But then again its Disney so it also became a bit more kid-friendly & they had to add more humor to it…
But hopefully it can regain some of its former glory, since Saban is going to buy back the rights to the Power Rangers franchise. At least I know they care about it. I’m also hoping this means that Ron Wasserman will be making the theme songs and music for the shows again.

You can read about the news here at The Hollywood Reporter, but as I said for me this is great news. And I’m looking forward to see what will happen with the show now, that its back where it belongs. The kid in me is getting excited and it looking forward to this.

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