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So today there is a big game convention in Germany called GamesCom. Its been rumored for some time that Sony will announce a smaller and cheaper Playstation 3 model. What do people think about this? I want to believe its true, but yeah. You can never really know. Either way, its going to be exciting. I’m, hoping for some new game announcments.

I have also started to watch the tv-show, How I Met Your Mother. Its not all bad. I actually enjoy it. Neil Patrick Harris character Barney, is so damn cool in the show. I think he is my new role model. Wish I could have his self esteem.
Or just get the girls he gets, one can only dream.

I’m about 8 hours into Wild Arms 5 and I its good. But I haven’t played in two days now, guess I’m in a period where I don’t feel like playing games. Or doing anything for that matter. Its pretty depressing, but oh well.
Hopefully I’ll play more on Wednesday.

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  1. So exciting! Im gettting slim for sure!
    If its not true, i would buy a standard ps3 before Uncharted 2 is out anyaway. But i really hope they release a slim version.


  2. @ Palaxih:
    Yeah, so do I. I would trade in my old one for a slim. Not that’s its really needed, I just want a slim one if its true.

    Oh, Uncharted 2. Really looking forward to it, together with Brütal Legend and the new Ratchet & Clank game. So many games that are coming out in October. =(

  3. Haven´t heard anything about the slim being backwards compatible, thus not worth my time or money.

    For Wild Arms 5, isn´t it irritating to have Dead use his “guns” as melee weapons? WHY did they make it so?

  4. @ Manga
    If backwards compatibility ever returns, it will probably in a future firmware update. Just hope it does in the future, I won’t be too sad if it doesn’t return. But yes, It would be a nice feature.

    Actually that thing about Dean is not bothering me all to much. Not yet at least.

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