Games, games, games!

I’ve started playing Shadow of the Damned. After Lollipop Chainsaw I really felt like I had to give this game a try and so far I am really liking it! Garcia Hotspur is one cool character with one foul mouth, and I like it! But from the start I never thought I’d like it, but the humor and Garcia’s personality made it all awesome. Steven Blum who voices Garcia does a wonderful job and it’s one of my favorite voice works by him.
So from now on I’m gonna keep an eye out for Shuda 51‘s games, well at least all the new ones.

Hehe, I’ve really been on a roll with games under my vacation. Yesterday I finished
Final Fantasy XIII-2 also, I think I like this one better than the first. It feels like you have more freedom, but then again it’s the same boring world. But yeah, I probably like it more than the first game. Well i started playing this late at night and was gonna play for an hour or so… I didn’t even notice it had become morning, haha was so into the game at that point. And not to mention the last part of the game was long as hell.

Just a little more than a month away from two highly anticipated games, Darksiders II and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Hard to imagine it’s almost time, I’m starting to feel that excited giggly feeling you feel when longing for something. And of course I’m really eager to try Epic Mickey 2. Since it is supposed to have musical segments like the old Disney movies, I love that!

Ahh, less than a week left on my vacation. So hope I can use that time wisely, perhaps go to Malmö one more time. But we’ll see, even if I have been taking it pretty easy the whole vacation I still feel like doing just about nothing right now. You know, just take it easy until next week.
When work starts again, I won’t lie I’ve missed it. It is going to feel good to comeback and do something again, since I tend to get a bit lazy when I’m home for such a long time. Hehe. Oh, well I bet I’m not the only ones. But it’s going to feel better when you come home after a hard day at work and sit down to do some gaming, it like a reward and I like that feeling. Even if your life/hobby shouldn’t be a reward.

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