I am sorry my friends

I just wanted to say sorry to the friends who is8 hoping to see me online this week. Sorry, it will probably not happen. This week is gonna be a killer less people at work, I’m working night. It is gonna be stressful, but I’ll try and not stress myself so much. Easier said than done. I just hope its this week and week 28th that are like this, but I’m fearing that th coming three weeks are like this, more people going on vacation and shit. Ugh.

I’ll just have to take it like a man, not much else to do. But again to my friends I am truly sorry, please don’t think I am ignoring you or anything is just so damm much right now, that I’ll have to take this break from internet. I’ll be there Saturday and some of Sunday at least. I at least hope I can post some updates on my site, like posting all the pictures I’ve taken on my KOS-MOS Figma figure and Optimus Prime War for Cybertron version.
Again I am really sorry, but I hope ya all can accept and respect this. Its just for a while, I’ll be back!

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