Sick and tired

Hej all! I’m not feeling so good today. I’ve been sick since Tuesday, I came home from work and I fainted. I’m glad myI mother was there with me,  she was going to help me with some stuff in my appartment. The doctor I visited said it was most likely stress and I think he is right.

I’ve been doing a bunch of heavy stuff on my own, stupid as I am. I wanted to prove I could do stuff without help, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!
And now I’m paying the price for my stupid ego, my colleagues have been nothing but sweet to me in under this time. Don’t get me wrong, they are always nice. But it is really nice to see people care for you. That’ why I feel even more stupid that I tried to do everything myself, since I know they would have helped me. So I’ll be home this entire week and I’m hoping I’ll have some energy next week.

My next post will be a bit better, I’m gonna post a few pictures of my latest things and hopefully I will be feeling better to. But we’ll see, I’m hoping that’s what I will be able too do. And thanks to all my friends who has care, you all know who you are. Thank you.

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