I’m gonna kick your Fal’cie ass!!

It’s been nearly a year since I last played Final Fantasy XIII, I wasn’t to enthusiastic about it then. I’m still not, but I really want to finish the game, especially since I was at the end of chapter 11. I got stuck on the Dahaka boss, that fucker kept killing me over and over. He really owned my ass, I tried a verity of strategies but he continued to make me his bitch. I lost count how many times I tried and I got fed up. So I put the game on the shelf and today for the first time in nearly a year I started playing it again.

I had another motivation his time it seemed, I spent a bit over 5hous powerleveling. Or rather powerfarming Crystal Points, I also spent a few hours fixing some sidequests.  So yeah, I upgrade my characters a bit. About time I try Dahaka again and hope he won’t rape me again.
The tables had turned my friends! This time he was the asshole begging for mercy! Or he might have done that, If the game allowed it. I took him down without any problems now, my other two characters never needed a revive either. So that felt so damn good! The last boss of chapter 11 fell without any problems either. I’ve actually had a bit of fun with the game today, getting revenge was the best.

I’m taking a break now, feeling great! But now I don’t want to put the game controller away! I really want to continue to play! So I know what I’m gonna do after work tomorrow, I’m gonna run home and play more! It feels to damn great to have gotten my motivation back to play games, I had a bit of a downtime where I played nothing. Also it feels really great going back to a game I’ve had since it’s release and finally finishing it! One of my few backlogged games actually.

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