Tomorrow! Oh, god yes!

Oh, god I can’t wait until tomorrow. Its a day I’ve been waiting for a very long time. You can probably guess what it is, but I still won’t say it.
I’ll be posting an update first thing tomorrow morning. Just hope I can get some sleep tonight, I always have problems sleeping when I’m looking forward to something.

About 10 hours left before the surprise…

4 responses on Tomorrow! Oh, god yes!

  1. @ Kristoffer:
    Hehe, indeed I do! But that’s just because I’m so very happy.
    For various reasons. Even if they all in the end comes down on what I’ll be posting about tomorrow.

  2. Hehe, roliga kommentarer :D Yes, i did understand. Im doing the same thing (The night takes control over the logical thinking and mindtricking) Hehe :P

    Wow, i love suprises. Cant wait to se what you planning! Keep it up. And yes, Batman is back för good (Dark Knight first, then Arkham Asylum) I already forget the goofy movies about Batman and Robin

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