Do want a PS3…

I really want to get a hold of a Playstation 3. Well that’s not the easiest thing too do when you are broke and don’t have a job. Its really depressing.
But I’ll just have to try and see if I can save up 4300SEK.
Not the easiest thing. Where is my fairy of luck? When can I see some happiness, yeah I know it sounds sick and twisted. But yes, I do feel happier if I can get what I want. So right now I’m not feeling good at all.
Thanks to you few of my friends IRL who have noticed, both of you.

I really hope I can get a hold of one soon, or I’ll start to feel worse. Hope I can borrow some money of someone. But when it comes to that amount of cash, its easier said than done. Hopefully I’ll get my Xenosaga figures tomorrow/today.

But I think they won’t arrive untill monday or tuesday. And as you might have noticed, I’m not in the mood to get very hopefull. Yeah, so this time it was one long emo post, has to post one of those too.. Well… Now I’ll crawl back to bed…

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  1. I’m sure you’ll get a job sooner than you think. :) And the first thing you’ll do is buy a PS3. :) I want one too, but I’m gonna wait a while. I need some other things before that one.
    I’m crossing my fingers for you!

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