Its happening tomorrow!!

I’m so happy and excited right now. Tomorrow is the big day, the day I’ll finally spread my wings and move to my own place. I’ve longed for this day for many years, so I feels a bit unreal right now. But its also a nice feeling, I won’t probably get any sleep tonight.
As soon as I get an internet connection in my apartment I will upload some pictures. I’ve got just about everything I need, I just need to get a couch and I’m all set.

Its going pretty well at work to, I just keep hearing good things about me there.
And that’s very nice to hear. I’ll probably get permanent work there if a spot opens up, they just about told me that yesterday. I was a very positive force and I made my fellow workers feels face and good, when they worked with me. I never expected to hear something like that from the bosses. So I was taken by surprise with all the nice things they had to say about me. But I’m glad, since now I know I’ve been doing a good job and that I’m well liked.
So keeping my fingers crossed now, it I could get a permanent place there I can finally start living for real.

Hopefully I can get some new games in the coming months, Atelier Rorona, Dead Rising 2 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are all around the corner. I would love to get them all, but we’ll see… Hopefully I can get some money for my birthday in October, that would help a lot.
At least Dead Rising 2 is booked thanks to Gamestop Sweden’s trade in deals, sadly that was the only game I could preorder. But at least its something, I’m eagerly awaiting that game. The first one on Xbox 360 was a blast, but I’ll be getting the Playstation 3 version of DR2.
Well that’s all for now, guess I’ll better get back to packing. And waiting before I get the keys to the apartment, the waiting it the worst part. Like always.

Tomorrow! Oh, god yes!

Oh, god I can’t wait until tomorrow. Its a day I’ve been waiting for a very long time. You can probably guess what it is, but I still won’t say it.
I’ll be posting an update first thing tomorrow morning. Just hope I can get some sleep tonight, I always have problems sleeping when I’m looking forward to something.

About 10 hours left before the surprise…