Feeling sick and got computer problems…

I’ve been playing a bit of White Knight Chronicles for the PS3 the last couple of days. A really good game, I’ve had some trouble with enjoying in the last two days. Not because the game is bad or anything, I just think I’m getting sick. I have no energy or will to play. Its pretty frustrating and the fact I haven’t been feeling all that well. So its mostly been watching TV and sitting by my computer.

And speaking of computers, I’m fairly sure mine is done for now. It gets warm faster and just shuts down when ever the hell it wants. But its to be expected, its about 8-9 years old this year. And the previous owner didn’t take good care of it.
So I can hardly do a thing on it anymore, before it shuts down and I have to restart it. So no more photoshop or movie making for me… And I’ve said it before I won’t spend a penny on this computer anymore. I’ve already payed enough.

I’m hoping I can find some cheap crap to replace this one for now, just until I can build my own new computer. My family was probably going to help me with that, but its still like 5 months into the future. I just need something that I can use for that amount of time. But its not the easiest of things to find, not for what I can afford right now.

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