Got a cold and a few games

Aaatchoooo! Goddamn it. Sneezing, nose is running and both body and head aches. I’ve caught a cold and I hate it. I tried working Tuesday but had to go home after half that day, my cold just got worse and worse. So I slept for the rest of the day and that’s just about what I have the strength to. I’m just going to post this really quick and then I am going back to bed.

I’ve also gotten two new games actually, one that I’ve ordered and one that I won. One is Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 and it nice so far. I haven’t been playing much since I’m not feeling well. But yes, I’ve tried it a bit. The other I win from and its Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII and it came with a guide. A shame it didn’t have a real box and cover instead, I didn’t care much for guides. But I’m still happy I won, the demo for LRFFXIII was fun and hopefully I can enjoy this.

Later this month three more games will land in my home, they are Infamous Second Son, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD. So I’ll have my hands full in the future and I am thinking about doing some other videogame related stuff, but I’m not sure what yet. I haven’t got many ideas, but I feel like I want to do something. The only thing holding me back is time, I couldn’t do much more with PSSverige because of time. But I loved doing reviews and I hope I get to do that again in the future, that would be great. So keeping my fingers crossed for either a new project or something else. We’ll see, I have to think more about my own stuff.

My throat hurts, I’m cold! Get me a blanket!

So I’ve gone and caught a cold. My nose is runny, my throat hurts like hell and I loose my voice from time to time. But I’ll survive this too, even if it feels a bit like dying. Haha, naa not really. But I don’t have much energy and I hope the coughing can stop, it just hurts the throat even more.
Sadly I can’t spare any time being home, since I loose to much money on being home from work. So I’ll just have to tough it out until I get better.

I’ve posted my review on Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness now, so head over to PSSverige to check it out! Its in Swedish as always. Hoping I’ll be able to get Batman: Arkham Origins later this month. Thinking of getting it as a birthday gift to myself, my birthday is on the 27th October. Two days after Batman is released, so why not?
And for those wondering I am turning the big tree zero! Not that I really care or that it’ll change me. :)

But the biggest gift I am giving myself, both birthday and Christmas is the PlayStation 4. Its only about 46 days left until it is released here in Sweden. Really looking forward to it, I am getting Knack and probably Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for it. But I am very interested in the LEGO Marvel game, it looks like real fun in co-op mode.

We’ll now I am going to try and get some more rest and hopefully feel better tomorrow. Gotta get better for next week a bunch of stuff happening then, I’m going to Lund for two daya and extend my knowledge to teach people the work I do. Well more about that at a later time perhaps. G’nite all!

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This damn luck…

As always I’ve been working… So it so nice to have tomorrow and Monday off. Really been looking forward to be able to sleep in and not have to go up at four in the morning. I’m already tired as hell, tired for many reasons…

Lately a bunch of shitty stuff has been happening. I’m not planing to go into detail on any of the stuff, I’m mearly saying this so people know that I am in a bad mood and don’t feel well. And right now I want to be left alone.
And to those asking about my PSN, it fucked up. I’ve lost people on my friendslist but I can’t add them again. I can’t add anyone… Fucking shit.
Well somethings happened there, so it could be because of that. I don’t really know and right now I don’t really care.

For now I just want my own time, I need to figure some stuff out and see if I should continue doing other stuff. Yeah, this post was actually never ment to say what was bothering me. Just letting people know I am not feeling well for various reasons.
Typing on my mobile so there are probably a bunch of spelling misstakes.

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I want mail!

I’ve been feeling really sick since Monday. So I have been home from work, I don’t like that. I want to work and not be at home. Well, sure I want to be home but not when I can earn money. But not much I can do about this damn cold, I just hope I can feel well enough to work again on thursday. Right now I am having trouble sleeping, since I keep coughing.
I hate it so much and the cough medicine tastes horrible… Yuck!

I am hoping the postman will bring something good in the mail today. He will probably not arrive for another 12 hours or so. But I sure hope I get my copy of Ni no Kuni today! Since it has been marked as shipped from where I ordered it, so I really, really hope I’ll get it today. I will post again in a few hours if I get the game.

Time to powerlevel Prinnies again! Dood!

Today my copy of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten finally arrived, dood! This is one of my most anticipated titles of the year, so I’m really looking forward to get my paws on this game.
A good/bad thing is that I am sick/not feeling, so I can spend my time on the game right now. If my fever let’s me that is, but either way the game is in my hands and I can start playing when I want.
I’m so looking forward to this! See you dood’s later!

Not feeling to hot…

I’ve not been feeling to good today. So sorry for those of my friends who has tried to make contact with me, I’ve been resting for the most part of today. And I’ll continue to rest, so hopefully can feel better so I can work tomorrow. Can’t afford to be home, plus I have some other stuff to do tomorrow so I can’t be home.
The good thing at least is that I’m not going to work night again until week 31. And after that I’m gonna tell them, I won’t do it anymore. It takes to much of my free time and it doesn’t pay that much extra.

I did actually manage to play a bit more on Infamous 2 today. I’ve now completed it to 100%. I got the platinum trophy earlier this morning. Good game, but I’m not sure which ending I prefer. Either way, It’s going to be interesting to see what Infamous 3 will be about. If it comes, which it probably will.

My friend Ezakiel came over real quick earlier. Just wanted to say hi and have a little chat. Hehe… That bastard, he got me… When I was homeless, I had to give away throw some of my stuff away. Since I couldn’t bring them with me, so I gave him one of my most dearest toys from my childhood. My Dragonzord. It really means a lot to me, so I would rather give it away than throw it away. But he came over and gave it to me, telling me he was just holding on to it for me. People might think this is childish or such, but I love this toy. And right now I’m overjoyed, you really made my day Ezakiel. I can’t express my gratitude, really. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Dragonzord is back!! Can has cheeseburger. PLZ?
One thing I found funny in Infamous 2 was a text on a roof. There was somebody who was starving and then somebody wrote a text under it asking if a particular food could be had. Might not be that funny, but its a pretty big internet meme. Anyway… Here’s what the photo says;  “I’M STARVING! You can has cheeseburger?“.
Check out I can has cheeseburger if you want.

Sick and tired

Hej all! I’m not feeling so good today. I’ve been sick since Tuesday, I came home from work and I fainted. I’m glad myI mother was there with me,  she was going to help me with some stuff in my appartment. The doctor I visited said it was most likely stress and I think he is right.

I’ve been doing a bunch of heavy stuff on my own, stupid as I am. I wanted to prove I could do stuff without help, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!
And now I’m paying the price for my stupid ego, my colleagues have been nothing but sweet to me in under this time. Don’t get me wrong, they are always nice. But it is really nice to see people care for you. That’ why I feel even more stupid that I tried to do everything myself, since I know they would have helped me. So I’ll be home this entire week and I’m hoping I’ll have some energy next week.

My next post will be a bit better, I’m gonna post a few pictures of my latest things and hopefully I will be feeling better to. But we’ll see, I’m hoping that’s what I will be able too do. And thanks to all my friends who has care, you all know who you are. Thank you.