So what’s going on?

Well some days ago I started to play Odin Sphere since I got it and Valkyrie Profile 2 in the mail. Ordered those games together with
Final Fantasy XII (should be arriving soon) from, and they costed 70SEK each. That’s about 9USD. Well I started on Odin Sphere but in the end Valkyrie Profile 2 won my attention. Right now this is the kind of RPG I had been wanting to play. So I’m probably going to play Odin Sphere after FFXII. If nothing else comes along that I like more. Either way, its just nice to be able to play something again.

As usual there is not much that has happened. Christmas was about as boring as always.
Sorry for being the Grinch! New Year’s Eve, eh, like any other day. =P
I spent most of the news years fixing up some bugs I’ve noticed in my CSS design for this page. I also changed the design as some of you might see. The design is not so dark anymore and I like it. I think it looks simple and good.
No need to make it super advanced. Well other than that I’ve beendoing some more stuff in photoshop, that will probably end up on DeviantART sooner or later.

And I’ve been listening to a song Stratovarius – Eagle Heart. I’ve become in love with that song. Good to listen to when you do other stuff, like photoshop or cleaning. It makes me feel good. I also opened my big KOS-MOS figurine. Just to take a couple of picture of it. I put it back in the box later again. So if someone want to see the quality of it go ahead, there are pictures on my DeviantART site. Use the “My DeviantART” link in the sidebar to get there. Ah, this was a pretty long post. That probably no one will read. Oh, well….

3 responses on So what’s going on?

  1. Hehe. Odin tar ett tag att vänja sig vid. När man lärt sig striderna och lär sig blocka och undvika skit så lyfter det så mycket. VP2 har jag spelat alldeles för lite för att uttala mig om men fastnade inte så för striderna det jag kört..

  2. Ja, det är väl just det att VP2 var lättare att börja spela direkt. ÄR lite rostig så jag får börja med lite andra spel som uppvärmning.
    Men jag ska helt klart spela det sedan. =)

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