Some stuff I’ve bought

I usually don’t post stuff anymore of what I’ve bought, but perhaps I’m going to start with that again. So here are some of the stuff I’ve bought since mid April.

God of War was fantastic! And one of the best games I’ve played this year and in fact the game that got me out of my gaming slump. I’ve felt like no other game really mattered after I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so I’m glad to be back again. I had Dragon Quest Builders for the PS4, but wanted to play it on the go instead. And I wanted it on the Switch, because I’m going to buy Builders 2 for the Switch if it’s released in the west.

I’ve owned .Hack G.U Last Recode before but traded it away. Not it seems like it’s harder to get a hold of, so I snagged a copy again. Been wanting to try the Yakuza series and see what all the fuss is about. Just have to get some time to be able to play it too…

Since I was never a fan of the Wii U, I missed out of a couple of great games. And since I love my Switch so much, I was going to fix this little problem. The problem of missing certain games of course. So far it’s been fun and a bit frustrating, but it’s nice to play a Donkey Kong game again. I’m going to try and buy every Wii U game that is ported to Switch. So perhaps it’s time for Captain Toad next time.

The new TV!

Hello! As I said a few posts back. I got a new TV. Sadly its not a HDTV. But since I didn’t pay for it and it was a widescreen TV, I’m not complaining one bit. Its already made my gaming a lot easier. I’ve noticed that the Playstation 3 gives out a better picture quality in widesceen mode.
So now I won’t have to think about a new TV for a while, sure I still want an HDTV, who doesn’t? But its pretty hard to buy stuff like that when you are almost, always broke. Well sometime in the future I’ll get one. What a beautiful day it will be…


The old TV is in the left picture and the new one is on the right! And a picture of
Mana Khemia pack! And next week its time for Cross Edge to be released!
Can’t wait! :D