Just a few more days…

In just a few more days I’ll finally be moving, can’t wait to get away from here and start my new life. I hope I’ll finally get to feel at ease and finally start to feel happy again.
But enough of the dark and gloom, I’ve actually been feeling rather well lately, probalby do to the moving part. But it feels good not to feel pissy and sick all the time.

I’ve also gotten a bike so I can go on trips on my own, no more taking the bus to get where I need to go. And not only that, but I can get some excercise. So that feels so damn good!! Hehe, so no more sitting at home at weekends, now I’ll go out and take trips.

I saw The Avengers yesterday too. I liked it very much, it was just what I had hoped for. I won’t say much more that that. Sadly it was only shown in 3D, which at least in out cinema sucks. I’m not impressed at all and it’s hard on the eyes.
Right now I am watching Underworld Awakening, it is pretty okay. Wasn’t expecting much, but I like Underworld 1 and 2 more. But Kate Beckinsale is hot, hot, hot!!

Well that’s enough ramblings from me right now. My regulsr internet will soon close, so I won’t be able to surf or talk with people. Which I’ve been pretty bad at the last couple of months, but I just don’t like being as much at the conputer as I did in the past. Well either way, I’ll only be able to surf on my cellphone. So I’ll be making an update when I have moved.

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