I’m sorry

As you all might have noticed I haven’t been online. Well first of I’ve been sick. And a bit depressed. Or should I say a really deep depression. Its about stuff that happened In the past I tought I was over… But I guess I wasn’t.
So I didn’t go online to meet people, I just didn’t want to, or cared to do so. But I’m better now.

And on top of that now Felia [Telia], has done something to our internet conection so I can’t go online at home. Hopefully they will resolve this problem soon. Because I wanna surf now and talk to my friends.
A few of my friends thought something has happened since I wasn’t online like I used to. Well there you have it. Another update will probalby come when we get our internet back. You can check out my deviant, I’m going to upload some new pics atleast…

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  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. :( And I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you through email or something that I too wondered what had happened to you. You had me worried for quite some time. *hugs*

    I’m really sorry you’ve been feeling depressed, I know what that’s like… But I’m really glad that you are feeling better now.

    Can I do anything to cheer you up?

    Glad to hear you’re going to upload some pics, will check them out later. :)

    *hugs again*

  2. No worries. Just knowing people care about you is doing enough.
    I really appriciate all people who has been worried. OR just given me a thought.
    But sometimes you just got to let that depression have its way, you’ll always feel better afterwords. After rain comes sunshine, right? =)

    Thanks again. And I hope I can be speaking with you all soon again. ^^

  3. Definitely, sometimes it’s good to feel sad, cause it will get better later. :)

    Nu sitter jag här med min PS3:a och jag har en strömadapter och jag har en vanlig datorkabel. På undersidan av den så står det 12V ~ 3.2 A, så det känns som att en 230V kabel inte är funkis i det här fallet.

    Jag har frågat på Loading också, men känner du till nåt mer i frågan?

  4. Oh, härligt. Nä, tyvärr känner inte till så mycket mer.
    Vet bara att man inte ska behöva en konverter. En annan polare till mig hade en US Ps3 innan och han skaffade bara en svensk dator kabel. Mycket mer än så vet jag inte.

    Hoppas det funkar som det ska i alla fall. ^^

  5. Det verkar som att det ska räcka. Har fått svar från folk på Loading som har 120V och 100V på sina, men använder vanlig datorkabel.
    Men du får gärna hålla tummarna för mig ändå, när jag kopplar in min. Det är knappt jag vågar göra det… ^^;;;;

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