Thank you Lady Luck!

I’m pretty happy now. More happy than I’ve been ín a while. Why?
Well finally its my turn to have some luck. I’ve finally gotten ahold of a job.
YAY!!! Its only for six weeks though…. But if I’m even luckier it might lead to something. Which I hope, so I finally can start living my life.
So it feels pretty good right now. So I’ll hope it all will turn out good.

Well at least I’ll get some cash and be able to buy some stuff. So I’ll start looking for Xenosaga stuff that I don’t have. And other stuff I’ve wanted to get for some time.
Well take care, now I just enjoy that little time I have left to be on the internet at nights. I start working on Tuesday. ^^

2 responses on Thank you Lady Luck!

  1. Congrats! :D That’s so great!

    I haven’t forgotten about scanning X3 OST for you, I’ve just been really short on time! Next week is an easier week at work, with more days off so hopefully I’ll get it done then.

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