Nameless entry

Sometimes you can just be amazed over things. Like today.
I’ve actually had energy to do something. It has been a fairly good day in school. And I’ve sent away three jobsearching letters. And!
I have totally redone my CV. So I have gotten many good things done today. And I’ll continue to work on my CV and hope to improve it more, hopefully the companies I send them to will actually answere me now. Well maybe they won’t, but who knows. ;)

Either way it just feels great to have gotten it done. And I’ve also gotten some of my gaminglust back. I actually feel glad to be alive for once. Was sometime ago I felt like this. Its a good feeling not to have go around being pissed off all the time and wishing for bad things to happen… Hope this will continue the way it is right now.

And when it was starting to look nice…

So I got a phone call this morning, from the place where I was going to work.
They told me that they had solved their working problem so I was no longer needed. Why fucking thank you! So great, no extra money!

Ahh… it seems there was a missunderstanding. I’m probably going to start next monday. So it was all an missunderstanding, from my side… Woho! So next monday, it will all start. :)

BTW… I’ve decided to stop drinking Coca Cola. Why? Well I just wanna stop. Or at least cut down on it. So We’ll see how well that will go.

Thank you Lady Luck!

I’m pretty happy now. More happy than I’ve been ín a while. Why?
Well finally its my turn to have some luck. I’ve finally gotten ahold of a job.
YAY!!! Its only for six weeks though…. But if I’m even luckier it might lead to something. Which I hope, so I finally can start living my life.
So it feels pretty good right now. So I’ll hope it all will turn out good.

Well at least I’ll get some cash and be able to buy some stuff. So I’ll start looking for Xenosaga stuff that I don’t have. And other stuff I’ve wanted to get for some time.
Well take care, now I just enjoy that little time I have left to be on the internet at nights. I start working on Tuesday. ^^