A great weekend came to an end

The weekend that just passed was one of the best, I’ve experienced in a very long time.
To put it simple it was just awesome, I got a change to spend if with some of my closest friends. Meet friends I haven’t seen in ages, we where nine people in my apartment. This was a sort of moving in party and a way to celebrate my birthday a bit sad, I got no gifts from anyone. Not that it’s important, but I was hoping to get something from someone…

While we didn’t end up in a cinema to watch Scott Pilgrim, we still got to see it.
And it was great! I would have gladly payed for this movie! But fuck you SF for not brining it to cinemas here in Kristianstad. Fuck you! I’ll buy it on blu-ray when it comes out, definitely.
I really liked it and at least I can support it, with buying a copy.
We also watched some “scary” movies, you know Halloween was coming up. So the movie maniac my friend Elden is, took some movies from his collection and shared with us.
We saw The Mist (2007), Friday The 13th (remake), Trick R Treat, I think there where one or two more movies we watched. But I really can’t remember right now. Either way, we enjoyed them all. In our own way.

I also discovered a new cartoon that I liked very much, its called Generator Rex. If you are somewhat into cartoons, check it out. You might like it. I can also recommend Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And this month Young Justice and Transformers Prime will premier. This is going to be so damn awesome!

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