And now I’m 25!

And there. The day has come. Now I am 25 years old.
What more is there to say? Well if I started saying anything it would just be a bunch of negative stuff and I’m gonna leave all that a side for now. At least I can spare myself and others that on my birthday.

7 responses on And now I’m 25!

  1. Thank you. ^^
    Yeah, its been a pretty good/normal one.
    Well its just small gifts, I didn’t wish for anything. Not anything affordable at least.

    The meeting… Hm.. I wish I knew. She was a bit strange the person I meet. she said she was going to send home some pappers so hopefully there will be any info there on what we talked about today.

    Ohh, no kladdkaka! :'(
    Hehe, no worries. Thanks for thinking of it at least. ^.^

  2. Yeah, I’m hoping they will have good news. At least I get some more money.
    Yeah, small gifts are good to. Feels more personal. Well at least hopefully as an extra gift they are going to pitch in some extra money for a new PS3. So I might get one 1-2 months earlier than I had excpeted. =)

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