One year older today!

I’ve turned 29 today. Yay, yay and all that. Or something. Do not feel older or different, just like always. Just wanted to get that out of my system, I’m hoping my next posts will be a bit happier than the last few posts here.
Thanks to all the people who has wish me an happy birthday.

And now I’m 25!

And there. The day has come. Now I am 25 years old.
What more is there to say? Well if I started saying anything it would just be a bunch of negative stuff and I’m gonna leave all that a side for now. At least I can spare myself and others that on my birthday.

Turning 24…

Yeah.. So okay. Today! October 27, I’m turning 24! I feel kinda old now. Well I am old. Well I don’t know what more there is to say, actually.
Another year older, another day gone bye. Oh well. ^^

I made this picture myself, as an happy birthday card to myself. Lame I know.