I’m still waiting… #3

Nothing today either…. What the hell is wrong with the mail?!
If I don’t get it tomorrow I swear I’ll go berserk!

I’m still waiting… #2

It didn’t come today either… Where the hell is my game?!
This is getting more and more frustrating. If this game doesn’t come by friday, I’ll really go nuts.

I’m still waiting…

I did not get my Xenosaga III on Monday. And I’m still waiting. And I’m starting to get frustrated… Really frustrated… And right now I’m screwed, bet I won’t have the chance to play it before the weekend, or perhaps later. Fuck! Fuck!

I’ve uploaded my newest AMV. And I might make another one, since it seems I won’t be playing Xenosaga III for a long time.

EDIT: Well, now I’m pretty happy. My friend Elden, let me borrow his PS2.
So will at least have this week to be able to play Xenosaga III. That is if the game comes this week…

Final Fantasy EC [Extra Clip]

No game…

As you know I did not get Xenosaga III. =/
So hopefully monday is the glorious day! Right know I’m at my friend Elden’s house. “I’m in his room, playing his games
Hahaha… Yeah… Right… Looking forward to monday.

I’ve said its been shipped! ^^
About 2 Days Left Untill I have it (I hope…)

My Xenosaga III has been shipped!

Woho! I’m happy now. My Xenosaga Episode III was sent from VG+ today! Right now I am very happy, so now I’m longing for monday! :D

Its been shipped! ^^
About 5 Days Left Untill I have it (I hope…)

Ha! F**K!!!

Well, I just got a mail from VideoGamesPlus wher they said that they wouldn’t get the game untill tomorrow. F**K!!! That means that all hope I had to be able to play this on friday is less that 10% know. Oh, well….. =(

1 day… Left untill XS3 is sent… (I hope…)
About 6 Days Left Untill I have it (I hope…)

The Saga of Reconis

Me and my pal Hans Tolvaly, are finally putting some of our own fantasy seriers online. it called The Saga of Reconis. And its something we have had as an idéa we’ve had since the end of 2000. You see the guy in my avatar? That’s Yazuka from
The Saga. A character I’ve created to fill my darker needs, and are based of how I feel inside. And then I told Hans how I wanted him to look like and he drew him for me. Thank you. ^^

Well I’ve got a site up and you can visit The Saga of Reconis here.
And a link to the site will alwas be found in the sidemenu. Not much is up now, but I am currently working to get the site up, with all characters and info.
The story part will come up later, much later… And I’m hoping Hans can scan the manga he and a friend of ours Sara Ekstam [Singdragon].
Something they did for a school project. Stingdragon is also our newest and third member of The Saga crew.

I hope I will be able to update the site in the coming days. Need to get some of the pictures from Hans. And have him give me Yazuka’s newer appearance.

Hope to see you all over att Reconis!
  / The Saga Crew