Go, Space Frogs, Go!

So I’ve been watchin pretty much Keroro Gunso. And what can I say?
I’ve seen about 36episodes and I love the series. They really are the best frogs in the world. So my mind has finally given up, I needed to do my own space frog.
So here he is! Mekoro!!

Here is the data I have on him.  He used to be part of the Keron army, but he never followed orders and acted as he wanted. He but some of his “friends” and fellow soldiers in danger. So he was finally banished from Keron. He headed to Pekopon (Earth) since it seemed like a nice place.

He has no sign on his stomach, … Well he has a star there as you can see, but he painted that on himself. He has fallen in love with videogames, mostly RPGS, hates many things, swears, listens to metal music, drinks all my coca cola T-T And yes, he is somewhat based on my own personality. ;)
(can also be find on my Deviant)

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