No internet = creative

So I’ve been without internet for just about the entire goddamn day! Just got it back about two hours ago, fucking shit. It’s been gone since 05,00 in the morning and now at 19,30 we get it back. Damn shit! But one good thing came out of it and that was I finished up a few of my old pictures lying around on my computer. Some for me only and hopefully a few I’ll upload to DeviantArt later. I’m done with my Natsumi from Keroro Gunsou now at least. In her nice swimsuit, rawr! Don’t worry it’s her adult version, so don’t get yer panties in a bunch!

Just click on the image and you’ll be taken to DeviantArt where you can get a bigger version of the picture, if you like. So check it out it you want to and by all means comment on the picture if you feel like it. That’s just appreciated, very much so.

Building my first Gundam model

Last night I tried building my very first Gundam model, hence fort I’ll only call it Gunpla. Just like Keroro Gunsou, hoho. This is a model of Reborns Gundam from Gundam 00, not really sure why I picked this one, but it is pretty cool. Mainly I want to see if I like building models or, if its nothing for me. Gotta try before saying something about it, right?
So far I’ve managed to build the upper torso of the Gunpla, feels pretty nice. Not sure what I think about all this right now, could perhaps be something I want to do more times. I’ve been doing this at my friend ZX-Omega’s place, since in my friend group he is the Gunpla building master. So had to have someone teach me. And it was pretty fun building stuff together, I was apparently very concentrated and he seemed to have some trouble focusing. Hehe…

I'm so very focused... The fuck is this? Naww, just kidding! :D

Next week I am going to try another nerdy thing, pen and paper roll playing. That is going to be really interesting, even if I’m not to fond of the stuff I’ve heard about “Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare“. It could and hopefully will be very fun, but I think I would have preferred something more classic fantasy. That’s more my thing than Mutant, but we’ll see perhaps I’ll like this too or not. Time will tell, its just great and fun to try new things. Especially things I’ve been somewhat interested in for a while.

Mm, plastic. Plastic everywhere! Finally starting to look like something eh?

Go, Space Frogs, Go!

So I’ve been watchin pretty much Keroro Gunso. And what can I say?
I’ve seen about 36episodes and I love the series. They really are the best frogs in the world. So my mind has finally given up, I needed to do my own space frog.
So here he is! Mekoro!!

Here is the data I have on him.  He used to be part of the Keron army, but he never followed orders and acted as he wanted. He but some of his “friends” and fellow soldiers in danger. So he was finally banished from Keron. He headed to Pekopon (Earth) since it seemed like a nice place.

He has no sign on his stomach, … Well he has a star there as you can see, but he painted that on himself. He has fallen in love with videogames, mostly RPGS, hates many things, swears, listens to metal music, drinks all my coca cola T-T And yes, he is somewhat based on my own personality. ;)
(can also be find on my Deviant)

Anime time!

So I’ve been watching Girls Bravo. An ecchi comedy anime. The first season was pretty good. It had some ecchi without going overboard. But in the 2nd season it was all about tits! Sure, some might thing that’s a good thing…
But when its the only that seems to matter in an anime I just get sick of it.

Hey, let’s give all the girls much bouncier boobs, and it will be a huge success!“.
Yeah, that pretty much wraps up how I think the producers thought about the 2nd season. So I’ll give that anime 5/10. And that is thanks to the 1st season.
So I’d ratter recommend DearS if you want an ecchi anime, that is both good and never goes overboard.


Well now I’m going to watch an anime series I’ve been wanting to watch forever! Keroro Gunso. I’ve seen 4 episodes before and I really liked it. We Pekoponians must beware Keroro, he will own us all!