Anime Intros I like #03

Its been some time since I last made a post about the anime intros I like. So here is post number 3 in this series, of anime intros I like. I recently gave Fairy Tail a fair chance and I love the series, much more than Naruto or One Piece. It fits me more than pirates and ninjas. I’m more fantasy magi kinda guy and Fairy Tail really delivers on that front.

I immediately fell in love with Fairy Tails third intro. I can’t get enough of the ”OOHHHH” and flute playing parts, they go so damn well together and are full of energy. The rest of the song is okay, but those two parts of the song really gets me revved up!

I really, really like the third Naruto Intro ”Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni”. I like the music and how it sounds, not to mention the images that follow the song in the video. Starting of a bit sad, to slowly build and gain ”energy”. This song has actually helped me feel well, when I’ve been a bit depressed or needed to gain some energy. I loved it from the first time I heard it and its still my favorite Naruto opening.

The last one for this time if from Rosario to Vampire Capu2. Pretty ladies dancing, what more could you want? Not to mention its a catchy tune. Nana Mizuki has such a nice voice. I also like the flow of the animation in the video, it feels like they might have spent the series whole budget for just the intro. But its a nice upbeat song.

Top #3 anime Intros 2011

Here are my favorite anime intros of 2011. I like them for various reasons and I’ll try to specify just exactly what I like about the intro in question. They will in random order, so don’t expect that the clip that is first is my all time favorite of the year. And just because I like the opening, doesn’t mean I like the anime. I decided just to take my three most liked intros for now.

Carnival Phantasm
A catchy pretty fun opening. Its just fun watching Type-Moon’s characters being a little silly.

A fastpaced and catchy opening! One of my absolute favorites this year. Just love the music.

Fate Zero
One of my favorite shows of the year. Love this intro, nice fighting in it, a bit emotional and has a great song.

Anime Intros I like #02

Now on to two of my favorite animes of all time, well at least those two who have meant most to me. First out is Magic Knight Rayearth. I’m pretty sure I would never have started playing JRPGs without this anime. Sure it isn’t anything special but by the time I saw this, this was not something I was familiar with. A good nice fantasy anime, that I liked a hell of more than I thought I would. And after that I decided to give JRPGs a chance again and tried Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and the SNES version of Magic Knight Rayearth. And then I was hooked, on both fantasy and JRPG.

And one of my most liked animes of all time is… Sailor Moon! Yeah, I really liked that anime. Especially the Death Busters arc, which was darker and a bit more mature than the seasons before it. Sailor Moon is also the first mahou shojou (magical girl) series I like.
Some people will probably laugh and insult me for this, it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m not afraid to admit what I like. I’m a child on the inside and it will never die!
Here is the third version of the intro to Death Busters arc. And while I do like the Swedish dubbed intro, I wish they had stayed closer to the original lyrics.

Anime Intros I like #01

Yes! Now its time for me to share some of my favorite anime intros with you! I’m going to start out easy and a bit cheap here, by posting the my two favorite openings videos for two of this seasons anime shows. They are Softenni and Nichijou. Softenni is a show about tennis, at first I wasn’t interested but I decided to give it a go. And I was a bit surprised it was an ecchi comedy, I fell for in an instant I’m weak for ecchi comedies. I think the song is pretty catchy and if gives me a feel good feeling. And there are some nice panty shoots in it. ;D

And now we are here with Nichijou. I feel its a very random anime, in the style of Pani Poni Dash. But its pretty nice to watch a show like this once in a while too. The intro is sung by Hyadain, he has become famous by adding lyrics and singing a bunch of songs on YouTube. He sings both male and female parts. Yes, even the female parts! That’s why I think its extra nice that one of his original songs got to be the opening for an anime, it fits the show well. I’ll be making a whole post about Hyadain in the upcoming days, so I’ll explain more there and post videos.

Anime of 2010

I’ve watch a lot animes in my time. So much that I’ve tried to put together a list of everything I’ve seen, I’ve stopped seeing and want I want to see.
You can find this list at MyAnimeList (MAL), you’ll also find a link to the list under
MY LINKS” in the top menu. A whooping amount of over 250 anime-shows and movies have I watched. And there is just more to come. I’ve been watching anime for
over 15 years now, so its natural that I’ve gone through a few shows.

Here are the anime shows of Spring 2010 that interests me. Not sure I’ll be following them all from beginning to end, but I’m going to give them each a fair chance. Some if not all titles here has links leading to Anime News Network, where you can get more info on the series in question. There are more shows I want to see, but these are the ones at the top.


So under the time I was away from the Internet I decided to watch CLANNAD, since I’ve heard so much about it. And I must say I really took a liking to the series. I watched a bunch of episodes after another, and I couldn’t stop. I really enjoy this kind of series. So if people have any more tips on series that are similar please tell me. I’m soon going to start watching CLANNAD After Story. The second season of the show. I’m hoping it will turn out to be just as good. I might write down what I thought of the entire show once I’ve seen the second season too.

Anime: Tales of The Abyss

This anime is based on Bandai Namco’s game with the same name. Which is one great game, if  I do say so myself.. Without a doubt this is the best anime based on a Tales of game. Both the Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia animes, where to short. And a lot of material was scraped from them. Both ToP & ToS only had four episodes each to tell there story on. As you can guess, its not enough.
But it is said that ToS will get 4 additional episodes, that will show the Tethe’alla side of the story. And of course. They have an anime based on Tales of Eternia too. It has 12-13 episodes. At least its better than four episodes. But only 2-3 of those episode follow the games, after that it takes a turn for something new.
New story, new enemies and of course new allies. So I was a bit dissapointed.

And then we have Tales of the Abyss. Finally Bandai Namco did a whole lot of stuff right with this anime. One of the smartest thinsg they did with the anime was to keep the game’s intro song Karma, by Bump of Chicken.
The series is 26 episodes long. Which I see as the best part of all. And so far, the anime has followed the game very closely. No new characters, no extra comedy parts added, no trying to make the story better parts either. And I like that they aren’t changeing anything to the story of adding stuff. A bunch of videogames that turns into anime change a few things and I almost always hate that. For some this could be a pretty boring anime, since it follows the game very closely. Its the anime that has stayed most faithful to its videogame conuterpart. That I’ve seen at least.

I’m not going to go much deeper into ToTA anime, if you haven’t played the game but want to. Wait with the anime. If you don’t care about the game, but want to know what its about. Go ahead. And I think everyone who liked the game should watch the anime.
Sure it might not bring anything new to the table, but I’lm just glad I’m able to see Jade in action again. It has also been confirmed that the newest game Tales of Vesperia is getting an anime movie. I really hope I get to play the game before that one is released. I’m also hoping if Tales of The Abyss anime is ever released in the US, that they use the voiceactors from the game. If they do, I will buy this anime.