Anime Intros I like #01

Yes! Now its time for me to share some of my favorite anime intros with you! I’m going to start out easy and a bit cheap here, by posting the my two favorite openings videos for two of this seasons anime shows. They are Softenni and Nichijou. Softenni is a show about tennis, at first I wasn’t interested but I decided to give it a go. And I was a bit surprised it was an ecchi comedy, I fell for in an instant I’m weak for ecchi comedies. I think the song is pretty catchy and if gives me a feel good feeling. And there are some nice panty shoots in it. ;D

And now we are here with Nichijou. I feel its a very random anime, in the style of Pani Poni Dash. But its pretty nice to watch a show like this once in a while too. The intro is sung by Hyadain, he has become famous by adding lyrics and singing a bunch of songs on YouTube. He sings both male and female parts. Yes, even the female parts! That’s why I think its extra nice that one of his original songs got to be the opening for an anime, it fits the show well. I’ll be making a whole post about Hyadain in the upcoming days, so I’ll explain more there and post videos.