Anime intros I like (German ver.)

It’s no secret that I love anime, come on! Even the title to this is anime intros I like, dead give away! But before we had internet at home, the only way I could watch anime was on a German TV-channel called RTL2. So I hurried home from school to sit a couple of hours and watch anime, the stuff I missed I recorded. I did this everyday and I somewhat miss it. Thanks to this I learned German, I still have some problems writing in German but I can understand it. So here are some of my favorite anime intros in German. Since its a few videos posted and I don’t want to slow down the site too much, you’ll have to click in on this post. Some videos have crappy quality, sorry about that.

Digimon Season 1 opening
A classic for me! I just love that the German dubbers went with all the music from the Japanese version of the show and not the terrible music the English version got.

Dr.Slump – Opening 1 (New series)
I just love OP and ED with dancing. And I think this was one of my first encounters with just dancing openings. The song is catchy and I really like it. And yes, the series is made by Akira Toriyama.

Jeanne die Kamikaze Diebin – Opening (Jeanne The Phantom Thief)
I really don’t know what I can or should say about this opening. I just like it very much! And the show was/is pretty good too. It’s about an reincarnated Jeanne D’arc who hunts for demons (phantoms) inside of artifacts. I liked it.

One Piece Opening 2
I really like the singer, the happy go lucky style of the song. It’s just a nice and great song, I like it a lot more in German than the original. This intro also has a pretty good English dub.