I made food!

I’ve played about 7h on Valkyria Chronicles last night. Damn its fun. :D
Haven’t played much today, since I sadly have other stuff that has to be done. Like helping around the house and such. But hey, more time to game tonight. And I decided to bake today too. I made pizza! Yes, I made the dough myself. I should have taken a few more pictures of it in the prosses of being made, but forgot. Well here it is on a plate (smeared with butter, so It wont’ get stuck on the plate in the oven)

And then I should have had atleast one more picture of it before I sent it into its flaming hell. But as I said earlier I forgot. So it just the final picture left, how it looked like when it was finished! As you see its a kebab pizza. First time I’ve made my own kebab pizza.

And it turned out real good. First time in a very long timed I’ve baked or just made something myself. It feels good. So I’m probably going to bake more when the weekend comes. I really feel like baking more its fun.

So.. I’ve like been in the kitchen..

Not much has happened today. I’ve been a bit slow and haven’t had the energy to do anything. So I decided to visit the kitchen. Nothing good to eat. Eh, so what the heck?! If you don’t have anything good at home, make something yourself. And I did. Today I’ve made “Chokladbollar” / Chocolate balls. Sadly we had no more “cocos” at home. T-T
Yes I actually can bake if I want to. Its fun. If I ever get the time I want to bake more. So if you have any cool recipies on something good, please tell me.

BTW, I’m on my 2nd day as a coca cola free man. Yeah, sure 2 days that’s along time! Well I hope the days as coca cola free continues to grow. I know my stomach will feel better the more days I’m not drinking cola.

And thanks for listening people, here have some chocolate balls :)