I made food!

I’ve played about 7h on Valkyria Chronicles last night. Damn its fun. :D
Haven’t played much today, since I sadly have other stuff that has to be done. Like helping around the house and such. But hey, more time to game tonight. And I decided to bake today too. I made pizza! Yes, I made the dough myself. I should have taken a few more pictures of it in the prosses of being made, but forgot. Well here it is on a plate (smeared with butter, so It wont’ get stuck on the plate in the oven)

And then I should have had atleast one more picture of it before I sent it into its flaming hell. But as I said earlier I forgot. So it just the final picture left, how it looked like when it was finished! As you see its a kebab pizza. First time I’ve made my own kebab pizza.

And it turned out real good. First time in a very long timed I’ve baked or just made something myself. It feels good. So I’m probably going to bake more when the weekend comes. I really feel like baking more its fun.

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  1. Mr pizza dood.
    Ready to start your own pizza shop yet? Would be the perfect job for you. ;)
    “EY ja ska ha pizza caprichååzza! ey lenn jör den fårt eller ja slår dej.”

  2. Haha, while it would be pretty awesome to work for a pizza shop, I don’t think I would open my on. ;)
    But who knows what the future might bring, I like making food so perhaps. ;)

    “Ska du ha den i en påse eller äta här” :D

  3. It was pretty tasty.It was more filling than any buy pizza I’ve had. And it was smaller than the ones we usually buy.

    So more baking will happen!:D
    Yeah, it rocks. Saw that you where playing it to now. ^^

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