I’m remodeling my site a bit

I’ve been kind of tired of the design of the old site. So I’ve been wanting to remodel it for sometime now. Been working on this little by little.
I grew tired of the dark and orange colors, so now I have a few more lighter colors on the site. I like it a lot myself. The design for this is a bit inspired (ripped of) from the WordPress theme “Rowling”. But I’m not done yet I’m going to fix the search bar so it looks better. Hopefully going to fix the comment section. Get an overhaul on my Beaten and owned games. At least that’s what I’m hoping to be able to do.

But it will probably take a little while before anything of this happens. Or you know I just have to have a real boring time and I’ll probably do it in like a few hours. Haha.
But some of the changes besides the colors I’ve made are that some fonts are now bigger and easier to read. And again I think these colors are a bit easier to the eye, at least they follow a theme now. A theme that isn’t just dark.
Well hopefully I can add more of those little extra things in, I just want this to feel good!

In other news I’ve started playing the new God of War for the PlayStation 4 and it’s fantastic! I like it, I like it a lot. Actually it’s the first game I’ve played since Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that I really feel like playing, it broke me out of my gaming slump.
I’m a amazed that they took a character like Kratos, who more or less just was a raging bull and a bit of a boring character and made him interesting. Well I won’t speak more of the game, since I think you all should play the game and I won’t say to much because I haven’t finished the game myself.

I’m still debating if I should keep the site in English or Swedish or just make a few posts in the language I feel like for the moment.
I really don’t know what to do. I can reach out to more people in English and I might start to like doing some reviews again if I speak English. But some parts are easier in Swedish and I might want to do some videos in the future… But I don’t know in what language there either! Well as we say in Sweden this is a real “I-lands problem”.

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  1. looking good so far! I like it simple (and clean, hehe).

    It also reminds me that I still use the same look, three years later,
    it was just supposed to be a test!

    Was the beaten and owned games section always there?
    It must have been ages since I checked them in that case,
    nice to look trough them both!

    I thought that I was done with God of War but seeing all
    the positive comments about it makes it hard to resist, gah!
    Glad it got you back to more playing at least!

    Haha, yeah, a bit confusing with the constant language switching but
    it is a hard decision after all.

  2. @ opkij:
    Thank you. I wanted to have a cleaner and simpler design.
    I’m much more pleased with how it looks. And I’ve fixed a few stuff in the backend of the site.
    Haha, it’s had a good test run then. xD

    Yeah, they’ve been there for ages. xD
    I think with the new and bigger font, it sticks out more so it has probably been pretty easy to miss before. And I’m thinking of splitting the Beaten section up into Nintendo – Sony – Other section, just to not have it as clotted.

    I’m very surprised bu God of War, it has been so much better than I tought it would be. It feels great to be back playing, but I’ll probably fall back into Xenoblade 2 with the new Rare Blades. I need T-elos.

    It’s confusing indeed, but I think I’ll settle for English. I think I like writing in English more, so I’ll probably under the weekend start to make more and more stuff on the site in English.

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