3D Dot Game Heroes finished!

And with that my most anticipated game of 2010 has been completed. I’m talking about 3D Dot Game Heroes, it was an awesome game. I’ll probably write a review about it and post later, but it will be written in Swedish like all my reviews will be from now. I just like it more that way and to be honest there are already a bunch of sites out there with English reviews, there needs to be more Swedish reviews.

And speaking of reviews, I’ve posted two of my reviews that I previously posted on RPGaiden. Its the review for Cross Edge and Folklore. Of course like mentioned earlier they are both in Swedish, but it you speak or understand the language feel free to comment. Its the only way I can get better if you tell me what you think.
They have both been tweaked a bit, fixed some errors and just added parts I felt needed to be there. If I ever get my new project up and running both of these reviews (plus others i hope) will be found there. As I have nothing to show right now, I won’t speak more of it now.
Ever since RPGaiden “died” (its back now BTW) I’ve been slowly been working on this. More info on it when its in a show-able stage and I know that, things will happen.

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