Swedish or English?

This time I’ll only be posting in English. And the reason for that is that I am thinking of going back to write my blog in English all the time. Why you might wonder?
Well I have lost a few readers that always came around when the blog was in English and I sort of miss reaching a wider audience. Especially since I’m thinking about starting making AMV videos again.
I’m also doing quite a lot of posts on Instagram in English, it’s fun to reach more people. But then again it feels pretty good and comfortable to write in Swedish.
But going back to English will be going back to the roots of my blog, when I first started writing 11 years ago…

My grammar had gotten better since then and bunch of other stuff has changed and when I decided to write in my native language it felt right. But now I do miss writing in English. So I guess I’m going to try a few of my upcoming posts in English and I’ll see from there. I hope you all will keep reading and hopefully doing more posting here on the blog instead on replying to this post on Facebook.

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