E3 2014: Sony and Microsoft

While Nintendo got its whole own post, I thought I would make just one with both Sony and Microsoft. Why? Well, Microsoft didn’t have many games that interested me and sadly it was mostly the same for Sony. I’m not saying the companies didn’t have any interesting games, not at all. Just that they didn’t spark much interest in me and those that I did have interest in I’ve mentioned before somewhere, like The Last of Us Remastered and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to give a few examples.

There was a few titles that really caught my eye, but some of them have been announced before. Like I mentioned earlier TLOUR and MGSV:TPP, so I won’t really count them here. But there where a few others that really made me happy.

Batman Arkham Knight
Sure, we have gotten videos of this before. But this was the first gameplay we got from the game. And it is huge! And it was so fluid, I like the other Arkham games and I am really looking forward to this one.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
OMG! This was one of the biggest surprises for me on this E3, I didn’t think they would show anything from the newest Uncharted. But they at least gave us this teaser and damn! I want this game now! 2015 is going to be one hell of a gaming year, goddamn!

I’m sorry to say that from what I saw from Microsoft there was only a few things that really interested me. But there was something at least and here they are!

Dead Rising 3 – Character add-on DLC
Having four-player co-op in this game looks to be fun as hell! Dead Rising 2 was fun with just one friend, but now you can add two more to the fun. Hell yeah!

I like Platinum Games and I’ve enjoyed the games they have released so far. So this trailer had me wanting more! I want to see more, I want to know exactly what kind of game this is.

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