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Haha. I always wonder why I get much exited about making videos/amvs when I need to sleep. I started a new video project earlier today, something a friend of mine wanted to see. So I got the ball rolling today and I’ve built up some steam now, but alas… I need to try and get some sleep now, goddamn. I wanna continue!!

I actually have a few ongoing movie projects, and I hope to be able to finish them too soon. Work just takes to much of my time and then there are so many games I wanna play. Hopefully I can devote the entire upcoming Saturday to try and make/finish some of my stuff. I really want to upload new stuff. I am also going to make a new category on the site, that will feature all my videos I’ve posted. And I am hoping to reupload some that YouTube has taken down. But host the files myself.

We’ll just have to see what the weekend will bring. I am hoping for the best, hope I still have my hype/drive by then.

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