Some updates

I’ve finished watching the entire CLANNAD anime now. And I must say it was really good. But some parts in the show really got me teared up, but it was really good. Almost as touching as Kimi Ga Nozomo Eien.
So now I need to find a new anime series I can watch. Got any ideas?

Been working a bit in photoshop and vectorized my friend Elden’s picture of an adult Presea. Yes, the same Presea from Tales of Symphonia.
You can head over to my deviant to see a WIP. (Work In Progress)
I’m also starting work on a new vector of Jessica from the game
Lunar Silver Star Story. That will probably take some time before its finished, but I’ll post it here when its done.

And I think I’ll start playing Wild Arms 5 tomorrow. Been looking forward to, especially since I thought WA4 was a major let down. And I’ve heard very good things from friends regarding WA5, so I’m hoping its really good. If not WA5 I will probably start playing Ar Tonelico 2 tomorrow instead, a game I’ve also been very interested in.
The first game was good but had some flaws, I’m at least hoping the battles in AT2 won’t be as repetitive as the ones in the first game. Either way I’m looking forward to playing both games and will.

Well I guess this was all for now. Might have some bigger better news in a couple of weeks. But its best not to write it out here yet, before I actually know that its going to happen. Or else it will probably jinxed.
But I really hope I can post about it here, its something I’m really looking forward too.

2 responses on Some updates

  1. Wild Arms 5 är bra på sitt sätt. Men jag tyckte mer om Wild Arms 4 faktiskt. Det är riktigt störnade med Dean och hans val av vapen…

    Ar Tonelico 2 har inte repetetiva strider :) Eller om du vill ha det så är de repetetiva om du vill. Vill du göra max med skada så går det dock inte. Måste du hjälpa till.

    Och om du inte försvarar dig ordentligt så får du en massa stryk. Det kan jag lova :)

    Ar Tonelico 2 är bättre än Ar Tonelico om jag säger så.

  2. @ HB:
    Ja, man får väl se vad man tycker om Wild Arms 5 när man kommit en bit in i spelet. Är väl bara en timme eller så in.

    Det med Ar Tonelico 2 låter helt underbart. Blir verkligen mer sugen att spela det nu.

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