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Hello again! I’ve finally found a way to add some of the videos I’ve made too my site in a video player. These videos are videos that has been removed from my YouTube account because of copyright claims or other stupid stuff.
So it is going to be swell to have them up here later, first I’m gonna check which ones to upload. I’ll also be changing the design of the site, gonna fix some stuff, might change the whole theme.

I had one video where I did a “remake” intro of the old 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, using clips from the 2003 Turtles cartoon. It was fairly liked on YouTube but then it was taken down, fucking assholes. So I’m currently remaking my remake video. Yo, dawg… So I’ll post the newer version of that instead of the old one as soon as it is done. I’m currently working on a new sprite/pixel video, something I haven’t done in a long while. Its pretty fun and I really hope it turns out as I imagine, sadly I don’t think it will be up anytime soon. Sprite/pixel videos tend to take some time to do, and I really want to get this one as close to the game its based one. But who knows? I’ll be working on it as much and as hard as I can.

I also saw a movie last night that I liked really much it is X-men: First Class. Being the nerd I am I must see every new comicbook movie that comes out and this one did not disappoint, I like it a lot.
It might be a bit slow here and there, but it didn’t get to me like it does in most movies. It was fun to see a young Professor X and Magneto and some cameos here and there. Seeing how the school for gifted youngsters being opened, or seeing how Charles (Prof. X) and Eric’s (Magneto) friendship is smashed. Kevin Bacon was pretty good as the main badguy, he was a bit freaky in the beginning of the movie. I liked the actors, I liked the action, the story. It gave me what I wanted and I didn’t have much hope for this film, so it was a pleasant surprise. Will probably do a marathon run on the old X-men movies some day.

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