No sleep for zombie

Yeah, didn’t get any sleep at all yesterday. It sucked hard! So I was half sleep when I was at the meeting with *****. But I did hear all the the stuff the guy there told me, so I guess that’s a relief. Back to ***** tomorrow for more info and then I guess I’ll start there. Wonder what kind of trainee job I’ll get to do.
Hope I’ll get some sleep tonight, so history won’t repeat itself… -.-

And thanks to not getting any sleep yesterday, I didn’t play anything either.
I was like a zombie… And I didn’t get to eat any brains either! Sad zombie. But at least I’ve taken care of of the gaming part today. But I’m not done yet!
I need to play more of FFXII today! Just taking a break right now and getting a few other things done. And awaiting tomorrow and see what that day will bring.

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  1. Oh man, not good. Im there right now. Im to happy and so much energy for sleep now. I will play FFXIII. Hope to finished it next week. Keep it up and thank you for the good comments on my blog (I will start again soon when everything is on the right place in life) :P

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