Some PS3 games I want #2

I thought it was time for another post about which games I’m currently looking forward too. There is a few this year and who knows? The list might grow even more after E3, we’ll just have to wait and see about that.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Being the sequel to one of my favorite games of 2010 and a sequel to the best Transformers game out there, getting Fall of Cybertron is a no brainer for me. With added melee attacks and added Grimlock. This game is looking pretty goddamn sweet. And the addition of the other Dinobots and Combiners in the form of Bruticus, this game is likely to be much better than War for Cybertron.

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
This game has been out for a while in the US, but for us in Europe we will soon get it. And I’ve been interested in the game, I like it’s style. So I am gonna give this game a chance.

Darksiders II
2010 was a great year for games IMO and Darksiders was one of the best of the year. It was mix of God of War and Zelda and I loved it and Darksiders II is going to be bigger and have more stuff. And you’ll be playing as Death this time, for those of you who don’t know Darksiders are about the Four horsemen of Apocalypse. And the first game stared War. I hope DSII will continue in that Zelda style, in August we’ll know if it was worth the wait for the game.

Epic Mickey The Power of Two
I never got a chance to play the first game, but I was always interested in it. But it seems like a lot of people hated the game sadly, but know the sequel will be released just about all platforms. They are adding voice overs to the game, the game will include musical segments just like old Disney cartoons. So I am interested, this will be the game I’ll take a chance on this year, hope it’s not money thrown out the window.

The Last of Us
From the team that gave us Uncharted 2! It looks like it will be an great “zombie” game. The environments in the game looks somewhat beautiful and creepy. I have faith in what that team does and I am hoping they’ll be able to give me a scare or two…

Runners up!
Lollipop Chainsaw
This game just looks insane and sounds insane too, if you should judge the trailers. I am fascinated, it has a bit of my humor in the game. And it looks like it could be fun, we’ll see when it’s cheap.

Weird dreams and PS3

My old Playstation 3 had started acting weird, hard drive crashing at random. And nearing its end of warranty… Thankfully I had a bunch of old games I never played anymore, so I could trade those and the console in for a new Playstation 3 slim. So thanks to that I didn’t need to pay a single penny extra for the trade in. So now I have a brand new PS3 and 3 more years of warrant if anything happens. Now I can rest a bit easier about that at least.

And speaking of rest… For the last couple of days I’ve been sleeping very badly. I’ve been having weird dreams and nightmares, normally none of those things affect me or my sleep. But now for some reason they do, I would like to know why!? Since its pretty goddamn frustrating not to be able to sleep. And you can’t get that fucking dream out of your head. Mostly my nightmares are about people I love dying or getting hurt badly.
Another popular dream is that the ones I love are zombies, that’s actually pretty gruesome… Seeing your closest family and friends, with cracked skulls, guts hanging out and such. Its not very pleasant and those dreams are always so damn real. Nothing is out of the ordinary, environments and everything are 100% identical. The only difference is the zombies, but the rest is so real. So damn real…

And I sometimes dream about this girl, I have no idea who she is. But she is beautiful and we are a couple in my dreams. We have good times and are very happy together, but then I wake up. I’m left with a big feeling of emptiness, its so damn depressing. I’ve been having dreams about this for years.
The world is such a better place in these dreams, I wish I can meet this girl for real. Or someone like her, ugh… Yeah, now I’ve started to think about it all again…

Slutet är nära!

Slutet av Mars vill säga! Kände för att skriva på svenska igen, kommer kanske bli lite fler sådana i framtiden. Beroende på hur mycket man kommer hinna med och orka. På måndag är det sista mötet med Arbetsförmedlingen och efter det borde min praktik börja. Blir troligen lokalvård, någonstans. Ska bli skoj att få göra något igen.
Mindre skoj att jag troligen måste gå upp kl 05.00 på morgonen för att hinna med allt och för att vara i tid. Har haft sömn problem i ett par år nu och ser verkligen inte fram emot att få stiga upp så tidigt. Men det finns ju en chans att det kan leda till jobb, men jag kommer vara som en zombie. Det ska jag säga till dem också, så de är förberedda på det. Nog om det nu.

Denna helgen har varit skit eller började skit åtminstone. Började med att jag fick feber under Torsdags kvällen och sedan gick det över till 5e världs kriget med min mage… Det var jobbigt och är fortfarande jobbig. Lite bättre mår man, men det skiftar och febern har inte försvunnit helt. Så det blev inga roligheter alls denna helgen, bara ligga och vila och sova. Har åtminstone kunnat/orkat spela lite Final Fantasy XIII igen. Klarade en boss som var en stor pain in the ass.

Har även fått smaka Root Beer för första gången i mitt liv. Både smakade och luktade precis som Jenka tuggummit, det vill säga en jävla massa vanilj.
Var inget speciellt, blev lite besviken. Hoppades på mer! Nåja, har en Mountain Dew att smaka sedan också. Ska också bli intressant.
Återkommer väl på Måndag om mer info och vad det blir man ska göra på jobbet eller var man ska få vara någonstans. Spännande. Hoppas man får lite sömn på Söndag. Eller i kväll för den delen. Urk.

No sleep for zombie

Yeah, didn’t get any sleep at all yesterday. It sucked hard! So I was half sleep when I was at the meeting with *****. But I did hear all the the stuff the guy there told me, so I guess that’s a relief. Back to ***** tomorrow for more info and then I guess I’ll start there. Wonder what kind of trainee job I’ll get to do.
Hope I’ll get some sleep tonight, so history won’t repeat itself… -.-

And thanks to not getting any sleep yesterday, I didn’t play anything either.
I was like a zombie… And I didn’t get to eat any brains either! Sad zombie. But at least I’ve taken care of of the gaming part today. But I’m not done yet!
I need to play more of FFXII today! Just taking a break right now and getting a few other things done. And awaiting tomorrow and see what that day will bring.