Navmenu now working in IE6!

I’m pretty pleased right now. I’ve managed to get my navigation menu to work properly in Internet Explorer 6. You can now see the dropdown menus when using that browser. Why even bother fixing that for such an old browser?
Well its seems a lot of folks still use it and I want to have my site working as fine as I can get it to work. The site still works and best with FireFox. But at least I can put that problem behind me. I also got the top menu to work correctly in IE6 also, so damn I’m really happy now. The site workds in both browsers now.

In other news I had my friend Ezakiel visit me today. I at least had a very good time.
We watched some episodes from Batman Beyond and watched the movie
Batman & Mr.Freeze: Sub-Zero. Pretty okay movie, of course it was a cartoon.
I got Superman/Doomsday from him that I’m gonna watch later also. He gave me some of his opinions on RPGaiden. And he wanted to start blogging so being the nice guy I am. (Yes, I can be nice sometimes). I gave him some of my webspace to set up a blog. So once he feels he is ready, I’ll link in to his site if he wants it.

I also finished the game Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. Its was pretty okay, a huge improvement over the first movie game. But still needs some work. I’m putting all my hopes in Transformers: War For Cybertron. I really hope it will be a really good Transformers game. Speaking of games, Darksiders will be released here on friday! Hot damn! I’m really looking forward to it! Gonna play all weekend.

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